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We reach out to newly licensed businesses and contractors to help get their web presence established. In some cases we may reach out to companies that already have a website to help with re-design.
No, absolutely not. You pay your monthly or annual plan cost and that is it. No setup, cancellation, or hidden fees associated at all.
We work with clients who have pre-purchased their domain name as well as clients who we purchase their domain name for them. Anytime a client cancels we transfer the domain to their new hosting company if it is in our possession. We will never take ownership of a domain from our clients.
Absolutely! The website preview photos are used as place holders and you have the option to change your background photo and add a logo directly from your client dashboard.
You are able to either call us or login to your client dashboard to cancel at any time. Cancellations cost no extra fee, if you are signed up on the monthly or annual term your cancellation will be effective as soon as the term has reached its end.
Whether you already have your domain name or are starting a new website from scratch, we will help you through every step with no additional charge. Each website comes with a free domain name, but if you already have one it's no problem we will set it up to point to our hosting servers for free.
Every BuilderNow website is hosting on our high speed web servers. We guarantee a 99.9 percent uptime throughout the entire year. If there ever is an outage we will be sure to let you know and have our technicians on it asap. Every website is backed up nightly so we can ensure a quick restore with limited data loss.
The Client Dashboard enables every BuilderNow customer to update and change their website from anywhere with an internet connection. You can update your website from a desktop computer or on the fly with your smart phone. All of this is included free of charge with your BuilderNow plan.

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