About us

About Us

BuilderNow.net is a web based site builder made specifically for newly licensed small businesses and contractors. We emphasize the ease of use and quickness in the ability to create and get your site online because we know that time is valuable and we want you to spend your time on working for your clients rather than marketing.

The history of BuilderNow.net begins with SavePro Designs. SavePro Designs is the parent company of BuilderNow.net which is offered as our automated website building product. In 2012, when SavePro Designs was established, the main business model for our company was in fact the BuilderNow website builder. We have since expanded upon this and SavePro now offers custom website design and development. Including another product known as ClientNow - a customizable CRM that can be tailored for any business. Also since 2012 we have expanded upon the BuilderNow platform and we are always looking to improve upon it while also keeping it extremely user friendly.